Electric Trucking Charges Up

In the midst of the global shift towards sustainable alternatives, a public-road test for autonomous electric trucks is going to take place in Colorado. Coils will be present in these electric trucks, which will draw power from the coils installed in the roads. For a long time, self-driving trucks have been rare because they would need to make stops every now and then to recharge and the batteries that the trucks would have attached onto them are very expensive and heavy. Uber and Anheuser-Busch InBev SA already developed an autonomous trucking unit for a beer delivery, making it the first shipment by an autonomous truck. Though very expensive to even retrofit the roads, construction for the project will take place in late 2017 and hopefully begin testing in 2018. It will be very interesting to follow the project and see the impact this shift to electric power will have on air quality and the labor force.


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