Amazon Creates Another Reason to Become a Prime Member

Two years ago, Amazon decided to remove price tags from the products within their brick and mortar stores in cities such as New York, Chicago and San Jose. The trick is, in order to find out the price, costumers have to scan the item using their Amazon apps and the prices are lower for those who have Amazon Prime subscription. Moreover, not only the prices are synchronized with the Amazon online store but the costumers are also able to view the book reviews after scanning the item. Most importantly, this strategy enables Amazon to access consumer browsing data and uses it to fill the shelfs according to the costumers needs.

After Amazon acquired Whole Foods in August, the e-commerce giant added a great number of modifications to its organic food subsidiary. Various of those modifications are tailored to encourage Whole Foods costumers to subscribe to Amazon’s Prime membership. Amazon might not necessarily remove tags from the grocery products to make Whole Foods costumers scan the items but they might keep the prices consistent with the website and lower them significantly. However, so far Amazon haven’t announced what their next step is going to be and for now they are selling the products online. In September alone, the sales of Whole Foods products through Amazon website reached $1.6 million.

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