Verizon’s New Strategy – Humanability

Verizon that first started as a telecommunications company has been slowly moving to differenct sectors. Over the past few years, Verizon acquired Aol and Yahoo to create a new unit called Oath, indicating its desire to be seen as a major player in the add and media sectors. This year, Verizon announced that it signed a contract with Sacramento to allowe the city to use its telematics product and also its 5G network to provision traffic and pollution control. Verizon’s strategy is not only to diversify its revenue sources but to become a key player in the future of connectivity in a very socially conscious way. However, the company is facing very strong competition from the other telecom giants. For that reason Verizon decided to rethink its strategy and market its products in addition to consumers also to Wall Street analysts and investors. On Sunday, the company announced that it is launching a new advertisement campaign called “Humanability,” and it tells stories about the effects Verizon’s technology are having on traffic flow in Sacramento, Calif., keeping fish fresh in transit, and supporting advancements in virtual surgery and health care. The ad will combine three videos, first being a sweeping view of traffic in Sacramento, second one being about “reinventing healthcare” through the 5G network and third being the transit of fish, promoting Verizon’s ability to track and capture data on the temperature and freshness of the fish in an effort to ensure food safety. All the ads are going to be debuting on Sunday, during the football game. It will later run on Bloomberg, CNBC, Fox Business Network, the Washington Post and CNN and also distributed on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

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