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US Lifts Biofuel Mandate in Blow to Oil Companies

The White House ruled in favor of the corn ethanol industry, requiring US cars and trucks to burn more biofuels next year. The rule, which was finalized this past Wednesday, will require a 6 percent increase in the use of … Continue reading

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Indian Prime Minister Modi Defends Demonetization

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi surprised his country with his draconian ban on high-denominated rupees. He lashed back at critics of the ban who say the government was under prepared for the move. Modi sites that the problem most have … Continue reading

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U.K. Temporarily Defies Slowdown Expectations

After Brexit, analysts speculated that the United Kingdom would experience a period of economic slowdown. This was not the case. Consumers and business have increased their spending in Q3 as the U.K. exhibited resilience following the historic vote. Household spending … Continue reading

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Oil Turns Bearish amidst OPEC Uncertainty

Earlier this week, Saudi Arabia pulled out of planned talks with non-OPEC countries. Disagreement regarding the burden of supply cuts has been cited as the primary reason. OPEC officials were set to meet with non-members, including Russia, on Monday, but … Continue reading

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Johnson & Johnson’s Potential Acquisition of Actelion

The Swiss drug company Actelion Pharmaceuticals Ltd. confirmed on Friday that J&J had approached it about a possible transaction that would help the gigantic American health-products company overcome any lost momentum of its top-selling drugs. The potential deal is a … Continue reading

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Common Core is The Core of Pearson’s Problems

Pearson PLC is facing a major public relations and investor backlash at the failure of its implementation of the “Common Core” educational testing standard in 46 of the 50 States in the United States. The vigorous pursuit of standardized testing … Continue reading

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Iran? More like Iflew

French civil aircraft manufacturer, Airbus Group SE, has recently received US government backing that allows them to export more than 100 jetliners to Iran, as a result of the nuclear accords which allow additional exports to enter Iran at the … Continue reading

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